I Am Making A New

2009-04-21 22:58:28 by CARDBOARDBOX3R

Music Video. It will be stop-mo. Already charting the lip-sync. Thought is in my head. It will hopefully be my best video ever.

im tired

2009-02-28 00:07:58 by CARDBOARDBOX3R

im tired and not gonna post much info but basically im working on a test flash that utilizes alot of my current knowledge of Actionscript and flash in general, and also adding things that i learn as i go. It could end up being only a little longer than it is now, but could also possibly expand greatly in length if i decide to add a heck of a lot more.

if enough people want a preview i guess i could post a pic, but the likelihood of someone anticipating my flashes is rather low i think. just post how good you think i am on a scale of 1 to 10 or something. Any tips you have for ways i could improve would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this,

whats the point?

2008-05-23 21:45:39 by CARDBOARDBOX3R

i saw this while downloading an application.
it doesnt make to much sense does it?

whats the point?

also working on:::

2008-05-13 19:45:12 by CARDBOARDBOX3R

a pick-your-path-ish flash at crappy flash versus "good" flash.
i should be done...i dont know when but hopefully soon.

%screenshot loading%

a mouse game with a large variety of objects to avoid.(EX: catfish, mines, etc.)
its going to be great.

cardboardbox3r is currenlty working on:::